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first night with skywatcher

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ok so wow that was pretty flash.

erm where to start, me and the mrs saw m42 first she loved it shes a big nebula fan, stars visible in middle 2 or 3 of them and wispy grey wings. at 26x then 52x

next up was the sisters and was a bit let down by this at same mag as m42 it just seemed obverloaded with stars and i would rather look at it in binos for the shape etrc. however saw a nice shooting star streak through the sisters as i was tootin

then onto the ringed one. whew what a view nice little view at 52x with rings. went up to 130x slightly bigger with more detail and not much size increase over 52x but much clearer.

wow :saturn: is defo best thing in sky :D

thanks to all you guys who have helped me make this possible. first by helpin me pick the scope. then by helping me set it up and finally by helping me develop my interest.

cheers fellas


heres to many clear skies.

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I'm pretty sure that the view improves as the object gets nearer the zenith as the interference from the atmosphere lessens as the light travels through less of it. As for filters... I only have 2. A fringe killer to remove the purple fringe on my Achromatic refractor and a neutral density moon filter (which only arrived yesterday and I haven't used yet). I'm sure filters can/will improve the view under the right conditions, but I don't know what would be best for what I'm afraid. Hopefully someone who knows about filters will be able to answer your questions.

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tonight was cloudy in general and runed what wasa promising start.

had better views of saturn at 130x and it was right colour, cream ish. not yellow like last night.

and actually sawmars propper, little orange disc. now i may have been imagining it but i'm sure there was a white area faint at top sorta like a pole.

prob my imagination :D

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