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On my way out...............

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I seem to have a problem with the forum - the Icons on the left hand side don't change when there has been a new message posted...

Also had a rubbish week, my Nan has two strokes during last week, so any space time has been spent down the hospital :)

I haven't forgotten Andy. Layers are not difficult once you've used then once... Don't worry be happy


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Thanks for the e-mails, Ant. Hope you don't mind, but I thought I'd copy & paste the info here for the benefit of everyone else. :)

Here's Ant's e-mail:..............

Hi Guys,

I’ve used one of James images, because I couldn’t find any of my own that needed star trails removing… All mine have already been corrected J

First open the image that needs to have the star trails removed. Then click on “Window” and select “Layers”. This brings up the layers box that you can see in this image (bottom right).

Then you need to look at the image and see which way the image needs to be corrected, in this example (and in my head) it needs to be corrected up and to the left – but I guess that down and to the right would work out the same…

In the Layers Box, left click on the little image and drag down onto the duplicate layer symbol (the red line), and then release.


You should now have something like this


Make sure that the move tool is selected in the “Tools Box” (the red X in the top right) if that isn’t turned on then you can turn it on by selecting “Windows” and then “tools”. Also make sure that “Darken” is selected in the Layers Box (the red X on the left).

Then click into the image and use the cursor keys to move the layer one pixel at a time. In this example I did two nudges up and two nudges to the left. But that really down to the image itself. Some images don’t take to kindly to this procedure. You also lose some of the fainter stars. These – to adegree – can be brought back with a little processing.

Once your happy with the result you need to flatten the layers. Click on “Layer” and then “flatten image” (right down the bottom). You should end up with something like this.


Then save the file – I always save under a different file name till I’m 100% sure I like the altered image. Here is a before and after of the same image – zoomed in a little to show the improvement.


Hope this helps.


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Glad it was of some use to you guys. Once you done it a few times you wont need the instructions - because it really is simple. Takes about 30 seconds to do an image.

You see what I mean about losing the fainter stars? In Andy's image the stars are clearly fainter than the original image.


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