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iPhone Astrophotography. Is it feasible?

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Basically as the title goes, is it do-able? Are there any apps out there that can make it easier?

I'm asking because I'm stuck down on the Falkland Islands for the next few days with nothing but my iPhone 5 and a small Celestron Mini-Mak to help pass the time!

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Depends what you mean by Astrophotography. Long exposures are tricky, but imaging the moon and potentially planets and brighter stars is quite feasible.

I have a mount called an Orion Steadypix universal mount which holds the phone steady against the eyepiece, but it is quite possible to do with this, just takes a little more patience.

I've posted these a few times, but they are taken with an iPhone, albeit through a 12" dob at x300 (I think! Can't remember!!)

You can also download camera apps to allow better control of the focus and exposure, including allowing for longer exposures of 1 second or more. ProCam is one but just search for camera apps.





Quite jealous of the skies down there, if the clouds ever clear :-)


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Apparently the next iOS will have full native camera controls (ISO, exposure etc), this will make astrophotography with an iPhone much easier.

I'm not sure the current apps are actually allowed to change the exposure time past the default max? I think it is more like live stacking of shorter exposures a bit like you can in astrocap.

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