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Like the title suggests I'm looking for some pier adapter help.

I have a concrete pier with an Altair Astro mount adapter fitted to the top. I have recently changed my EQ5 for an NEQ6 which doesn't fit my old adapter.

I have contacted Altair Astro who told me it should fit if I turn the adapter upside down but it doesn't (also, then the mounting bolts wouldn't be countersunk)

Does anyone know what the difference is between the adapters, the photos on all the websites are a little vague when it comes to these adapters and I've seen them with 4 or 6 anchor bolts - or just which one I need to order to fit my mount


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Thanks Wuthton

The guy I spoke to seemed pretty sure I could flip it over.

I'm not at home at the moment so I can't really try anything else but do some research online.

When I tried it upside down the centre of my mount wouldn't fit through the centre hole of the adapter - it's a smaller hole on the other side, and like I mentioned above, if I bolted it down from the other side the top of the Allen key bolts would sit above flush of the plate.

You should be able to see what I mean in this photo - I don't know why these ipad photos seem to attach upside down but you'll get the idea- this is the adapter sitting the way it did for my EQ5


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Yes, that's definitely EQ5/HEQ5 facing up.

It is desiged to be bolted onto a levelling plate much like the attached image. The centre hole is for the bolt to hold the mount into the adapter.

Personally I'd leave a little more room to access the bolt between the two plates.

The bottom picture is like mine except I've used box section for the pillar.



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The older style adapters were single sided, the newer ones are now known as multi adapters and can be reversed. I had the olde eq5 one and bought a newer one so I could fit my new  EQ6, I used it one way for the EQ5 until I got the EQ6 and just flipped it. Older ones have six recessed bolt holes, the newer 4 which I found out whan I fitted the new one.

See altair adapter for new style for comparison.

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Thanks StevieDvd

I kind of feared that. I've concreted nuts in my pier for my anchor bolts (6 of them!) so I guess there's nothing else I can do but chip 6 inches of the concrete out and reset my anchors in to suit a new adapter plate.


Wuthton, the block of wood in the concrete was to allow room for me to get my fat fingers in to tighten the centre bolt and the adapter plate was levelled with shims to eliminate the need for a potentially wobbly levelling plate. It works (worked) pretty well, it would have been much easier to rectify this with a levelling plate though.

Apologies for the upside down images, I don't know what's going on with that.


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The 4 holes of the new adapter should line up with 4 of the 6 holes you have already. I had only used three bolts to connect my old adapter (six seemed an overkill) and when I fitted the new one I just drilled out the another for the 4th.

So, fingers crossed, your embedded nuts will be usable.

That's if you get the new multi-mount adapter. Of course as soon as I had bought the new multi-mount version a used one came up on ABS!!!!

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That would certanly save a LOT of hassle. I have been speaking to Altair Astro and even after seeing my photo they think I can flip the one I have. I'm not convinced the centre hole is big enough but it will be another 3 weeks before I'm home.

Do you know if the ID of the centre hole is bigger for the NEQ6 than the EQ5 side?

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That would certanly save a LOT of hassle. I have been speaking to Altair Astro and even after seeing my photo they think I can flip the one I have. I'm not convinced the centre hole is big enough but it will be another 3 weeks before I'm home.

Do you know if the ID of the centre hole is bigger for the NEQ6 than the EQ5 side?

The Eq6 doesn't slot in as far as the Eq5. The 2nd picture I posted above is Eq6 facing up.
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