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My weather station!!


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i have one of these i think

Its radio controlled clock , so in theory it never needs resetting.

Build in barometer


My mother and wife always buys these gadgets for me. Galilean thermometer, anyone got one fo those? Glass tube with balls in?

The galilean one is about the only accurate one i have though lol


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Oregon scientific with scrolling message alerts..

Will know when we have clear nights now :lol:...

Sensor outside on the wall..

I just go outside and look.

My son bought me one of those Galileo thermometers a couple of Christmases ago. He buys me wierd presents...

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I bought one of those galileo thermometers a few years ago - quite accurate... IMO.

I also have one of those weather stations... It's quite good bacause you can see if the skies are clearing or not without getting up... If the external temp is dropping then the chances are that the skies are clearing, if the temp goes up then cloud has come over.

Seems to work quite well that theory.


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