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Cumbria Star Party 11

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Hello, just joined the forum and about to get a SkyWatcher Skyliner 200P in a couple of days time.  I have also ordered a  2*barlow, a set of moon and planet filters and the telescope comes with a 10mm and 25mm eye pieces.  I also have a pair of nikon 7 * 50 binoculars.  

I live in Cumbria and would be interested in attending on the Friday night (have other commitments on the other days).  

I am a complete newbie but looking forward to getting started. Could you please send me info on the location and  would it be possible to come for one night only.

Best regards


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Hi Craig,

Look forward to meeting you.

Going to a star party, even for an evening, is better than studying the internet and buying equipment unseen.

I would recommend that you keep your wallet closed until you have an opportunity to see what is available, bring a pen and paper to make notes.

Plus there is free software available which you may find helpful.

Do you have an iPad or tablet as there are brilliant Apps available, some cost as much as £1.69..... So start saving....

You can see some of the Apps in action.

I would refrain from purchasing filters until you see them in action.

You can borrow some eyepieces on the night to get an idea of what sort of view you get each eyepiece.

Remember to bring a RED torch.......

Trust the above is helpful.




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Howdy everyone, hope all are ok. 

I have been reading a few of the observing posts this evening, it sounds as if there has been clear skies of late.  I have not seen any up here.  We will soon be able to look at the long term forecast and keep an eye on the weather, I so hope and pray we get a good sky.  Surely this one will go in our favour. 

My word Astronymonkey, we are bound to have clear skies with such offerings and would happily accommodate your slow cooker.  Are you sure you have not been to a CSP before !!  You sound like a Pro - next you will disclose you are partial to a wee whiskey. We will give you the dates for the next one once organised.

Hi Craig, I am sure Mike has been in touch with all the details - Thankyou Mike - It would be great to meet you, one night only is fine.  It sounds like you have ordered your scope already, you will get so much knowledge here.  You must pop over.

Our communal area has a new fridge/freezer

Speak soon - Clear skies


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Hi Nina, Mike and all the regulars....

Unfortunately both James and myself will not be able to make CSP11!!  :crybaby2:  :crybaby2:

We are away at a conference in Birmingham that weekend relating to the business so it's not something we can change. The good news is we are getting lots of bookings but it also means we will miss the main day at Kielder as well. We are booked for Galloway so hopefully we'll see most of the CSP regulars there!!  :smiley:

I hope you all have an amazing time with great skies and as always whatever the weather I'm sure it will be a blast!!

To anyone who is thinking of going for the first time, I'd highly recommend it, you won't meet a better bunch of friendly stargazers anywhere folks, I can say that with total confidence as this will only be the second CSP that I've missed. :smiley: 

Kenny I'm sure you will be relieved as that means you will eventually win a game of pool now that me and James won't be there...... I wish!!! :grin:  :grin:  

To all the Cumbria Whisky Appreciation Society members have a wee extra dram or two for me and I'll see you all at Galloway or CSP12..... and Phil make sure you bring your glasses to Galloway sir!  :smiley:

Best wishes


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Hi Steve,hope you and James are okay? Glad business is going well,you will be a big miss,thank you for your glowing report on our s/p .

I`m sure Nina will be along shortly to chip in,look forward to catching up with yourselves at Galloway.

Just need clear skies   :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:



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Hi Steve,

Sorry to hear that you have deserted us!

Can you drop a bottle in on the way to Birmingham, we will test it out and give you the results on your way back.....

You are welcome to drop in for a bite to eat.

Best Wishes to James.

Hope to see you at Galloway.



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Hi Folks,

Sorry it has been so long, it's all been going on since I was last here. 

Superb Tony, so pleased you can all make it -   No wellies needed Sir!!  Everyone will be pleased to hear that our swimming pool is no more.  The yard has been levelled off.  Perhaps not a professional job but it has gone.

Dennis excellent stuff, hopefully I will be able to spend a bit more time with you this time.  I am going to be much more organised this time.

So pleased that business is doing great Steve,  thank you for the review, you will be a miss.  It would be nice to see you both when you are passing.  Like Adrian said you should try to pop in and join us for a meal.

I am tempted to start checking the weather forecast but I am managing to keep away from a ten day forecast,  I don't think I will last much longer though, was going to take a look on Monday 15th.

Cant wait to see everyone.  Lets all hope for clear skies.

Speak soon

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