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Cumbria Star Party 11

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Hello everyone,

After receiving quite a few texts and messages regarding our next CSP, I am pleased to let you know we now have a date. 

We will be holding Cumbria Star Party 11 between 18th September (Thursday) and 22nd September (Monday). 

This is mid week as you can see and runs over the weekend.  Don't worry if you cannot make the whole event as bookings will be taken for a couple of the days, just one day or perhaps people local to me may like to pop in for the evening to have a look and see what is happening, this is all fine.

For people who are new to CSP's (Cumbria Star Parties) we are a little friendly bunch who get together at my farm and we camp in the field - those of you who have been here before will be pleased to learn the sheep will be banished to the back field 2 weeks prior to our get together - and they will be staying there for the duration!!  We have a communal area (Stable Block) where we have meals and perhaps a couple of alcoholic beverages if the weather is not playing ball.  There is a fridge/freezer, barbeque, a couple of tables and chairs and more importantly an electric point for charging power packs etc.

The Star Party has evolved into a "everyone chips in" scenario with the food situation. I can supply tea and coffee, jacket potatoes and the morning bacon sandwiches.  I must say we have got to be the best fed Star Party around with people bringing Curries, Chilli, huge homemade pies, homemade soups and much more.

Camping like I say is in the field and your car will be parked alongside your tent, you are free to come and go as you please.  The charges for camping is £10.00 per night, this includes your morning bacon sandwich unlimited tea and coffee and the use of electricity for charging equipment.

If you would like to attend our little get together you can PM me or just pop a post on here.  If anyone needs directions or my phone number PM me and I will get back to you. 

I am really looking forward to this and I also will be camping this time, by doing so I should get more time with you all instead of being Mam and Grandma all weekend, I can be an astronomer instead, Whoop whoop.

I have added a couple of photos from CSP 4 and if you would like to get a feel for things you can enter Cumbria Star Parties into the SGL search bar and see posts from previous CSP's, there are also some really good photos in there.

Looking forward to seeing fellow CSP'ers and meeting new ones.

Any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch or pop your query on here.

Speak soon






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Hi Nina,  thanks for the text.  I will be there from the Friday afternoon through to the Sunday. I might manage through to the Monday, but can't confirm yet.  We can decide food later, but I will bring something.

Did Cameron beat you at squash then?

Tom x

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Hi Adrian,vanishing whiskey pranks nothing to do with me....how you doin with your new mount.I just done gunnar' s mod to mine and will be getting new puck and losmandy bar as the vixen one just isn't up to the job.

Look forward to catching up at Nina's,don't forget the clear skies.



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Hi Folks,

Everyone is booked in, Good Stuff

We could do with some better weather for CSP 11, it has not quite played ball the last two parties, lets hope we get 1 out of 3.  I will hold you to it Adrian, try your best.  We should be able to start looking at the forecast in a couple of weeks time.  I will cook on Thursday evening.

Good Mike and thank you I am sure there will be a list by the time September comes.  I will cook on Thursday this time.  A nice hearty meal for my travellers.

Dave come on we need our Wacky Scot here, we have missed you, it would be great to see you.

Yep Phil and you are right Kenny, he always leaves them, we now have three resident whiskey glasses - all present and correct.  I get it, One for the stables, one for the tent and one for the leisurely stroll between them both.  Who wants empty whiskey glasses anyway.  Will you be joining us on Thursday Phil.  

Good stuff Kenny hope you can make it. It will be good to see you, "vanishing whiskey" how come you are getting the blame.  It does not take long before it has disappeared and there are many other participants playing that game.

Yes he did beat me Tom, he is getting a lot faster now.  I used to get him when he was at the back of the court and I will softly tap it against the wall, he would never get over there in time but he is now.  I am sure this is going to improve his football as well.  Do you have an tactics for me?  Glad you are going to join the whiskey trail.

Glad you can make it, Cameron has our tent out already.  Speak to you all soon 


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Thanks Nina, I will arrive on the thursday afternoon.

I have a bottle of Japanese Malt I might bring, but that might be deemed sacrilegious by our Scottish bretheren.

On the other hand a Dalwhinney always goes down a treat.

Really looking forward to it.

See you all in September

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Hi Nina,

Just to remind those coming and those thinking about coming, the party starts 3 weeks today, so start getting your gear ready.

First to be packed are the Jaffa Cakes, these will be last out of the car to reward those who helped putting the tent up.

Next the astro gear.....

Then the tent......

And finally, first out of the car another pack of Jaffa Cakes to tempt the tent erectors!

Bribery works.....

See you soon



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I would have loved to have come along as i've never been to csp but ive used up my allocation if star parties this year!

It sounds like a great meet up and only the other side of the pennines to me so ill add it to my list of star parties to attend next year. Out of interest how many people normally go ?

By the way, I make a mean slow cooked morroccan beef dish, which is great with feta cheese & coriander cous cous. If I come along next time that would be my food offering to the clear sky gods .... as long as I can get a power point for my slow cooker!

Clear skies,

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