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Cygnus Astro Covers

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I ordered a cover for my 10ich Dob,

Neil was prompt with all emails, and very crefull with dimensions and request double checking and photos to confirm before making.

Quick delivery for a custom made item also.

Very pleased with the quality of the cover and the service provided.


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I wanted a cover for my obsy widefield setup for when the roof is open but I'm not imaging.

Ordered a small medium weight breathable.

Communications were excellent and Neil double checked my order and kept me informed when

items went out for delivery.

The cover is very well made and of a decent high quality material.

Slips easily over my setup and has a nice draw cord.

At the same time I ordered a small lightweight non breathable to cover the Astrotrac setup out in the field.

Again, well made, very good quality material and slides easily over the equipment.

Well pleased!


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After a recommendation from a thread on SGL, I took the decision to order a couple of covers tailored for my imaging and observing rigs.

I have a 10'' Skywatcher Dob, with added Telrad and an HEQ5/ED80 combo for imaging. I emailed Neil at Cygnus Astro covers and agreed what was wanted over some very promptly responded emails and a delivery quickly ensued. What follows was more indicative of the quality and service of the supplier as things did not go according to plan.

The HEQ cover was great, but the Dob cover did not fit, it was too short. I took a couple of photos and mailed them back to Neil. There was no drama, no stress, it was agreed that the cover was not right, and Neil gave me a range of options, from refund/send it back or have a new one made etc etc. I opted for the new cover. Communication was maintained through the process, even though I was in Devon for the following week out of reception for most of the time, the new cover was made and sent to me when I was back to take delivery. This one fit fine and the ever-reliable UK weather has given it a good test in the last few days from humid days, to downpours, to fog and drizzle, all of which have been handled excellently with the Dob suffering no ills.

I am very happy with the covers, happy with the transaction, and happy that a problem in the original cover size was dealt with effectively. I am going to be meeting up with Neil at Kelling this month so he can see a proper field trial of his covers (hopefully not too strenuous a test!).



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As the sort of person to dump a scope on the lawn to cool, then simultaneously forget about it whilst not hearing the rain start, appropriating some covers seemed a smart idea. However, the market seemed awash with either space age materials available at the price of an arm, a leg and my first-born, or were basically ill-fitting barbecue covers sold at a premium.

Clicking on the tiny Cygnus Astro Covers banner on UKABS, revealed a range of colours and materials, custom sculpted to fit your whim and at very sensible prices, thanks to not having to cross the Atlantic first. I picked the custom made hi-viz material. It seemed to fit the bill of being (heavy) shower proof and why make life more difficult by trying to find a black thing at night?

The cover for the AR127L on Exos 2 was easy to spec, because I simply pointed at the Meade AR-5/LXD-55 (that was) on the website and said 'I'll have one of those please' and add a couple of inches, because the dew shield on the Bresser is mercifully longer. The ES Dob is a lesser known quantity, so I supplied photos annotated with dimensions and a description of the dimensions I thought it would need to be to accommodate the square base - the top being basically round, is of considerably less circumference.

Less than a week later, the covers turned up. The AR127L cover was spot on. The Dob cover was reminiscent of the boots I liked like to own, but pull on only so far, before they meet the reality of my magnificently manly calves - It wasn't wide enough. Whether Neil misunderstood my communications, or I simply lacked the articulation required to convey my concise wants, is neither here nor there. I returned the cover, he added and extra 150mm of girth at no cost and returned it. It is now bang on.

In terms of the quality; The material seems extremely tough. If you rip this, then you'll probably damage your scope in doing so. The draw string around the bottom adds a level of security from gusts of wind and all but the smallest critters - If you've ever had to clean a mirror of cat bum fluff, you'll appreciate this. On the Dob cover, I would have liked some tabs through which to secure guy-ropes, but Neil was clear this extra material at the seams would create unavoidable voids and therefore points of water ingress. The quality of that stitching is tight and the taping of the seams adds a belt to the water tight braces - even a horizontal squall fails to find a watery [removed word] in the armour. I have, by dint of a rather splendid guest ale at my local watering hole, in concert with my risible short term memory, tested this.

So, top marks for quality, backed up by tolerant service and at an extremely reasonable price. Thanks Neil and I have not forgotten that I promised you pictures for your website. :)


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Having managed to get my pier erected, the next step was to get a suitable cover so as to be able to leave the AVX permanently mounted to the pier and not have to go through the whole Polar Alignment process each time I went out for an imaging session.

Having looked around at a few other other covers, I happened to see an advert on UK Astro Buy and Sell for Cygnus Astro Covers.  A quick look at their website and they looked like the type of thing that I wanted, but could not see anything that was specific for my needs.

I fired off a quick email and had a very prompt reply the next day saying that they had looked at my mount and needs and could make a cover for me in heavy weight material, but that it was not suitable as a '24/7' cover.  I went back and said that what I was wanting was for permanent outside use and then had a very quick reply saying that it would be suitable, it was just not meant for prolonged unattended periods.  They also said that they could provide extra tape and stitching to the seams so as to provide extra cover.  This was ideal, so placed the order.

A little over a week later, the cover arrived and I have to say I was very surprisingly shocked when it did.  The cover is an absolute monster....will easily cover my mount and pier and am thinking that it may even be big enough to cover my OTA when mounted.  I have yet to fit it as have not had chance due to working away, but will be fitting when I get home and am confident that it is going to be spot on.

All the way through the inquiries and order process, Neil has been absolutely fabulous.  Prompt and accurate replies and always available to speak to.

He provides and excellent service and for the price that you pay compared to other covers, an absolutely brilliant product.

So if you are looking for an outdoor cover for your gear, I recommend that you give Cygnus Astro Covers a look at before getting anything else.

PS - I will post some pictures of said cover when I eventually get home from this job.....

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Sorry about the delay in posting the pictures, but here are two images showing the cover that I bought in use.

Is very easily covering my 8" Newt and AVX, with plenty of cover to spare around the pier.

Am very very happy with the cover.......go buy one.



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I saw an advert for Cygnus Astro Covers on the UK Astronomy Buy & Sell web site, their covers look just what I need to keep dust off my mounts while being stored in the garage. So I sent them an email to clarify a point about their covers two weeks later no response. So I sent them another message again no response.  Looks like they just lost an order for two covers, if they cannot be bothered to respond to a simple email enquiry I'm not risking sending them any money on the off chance they might send the covers ordered. A bit of a shame really as they looked exactly what I was looking for.



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Hi All

My name is Neil and I make the all the covers for Cygnus Astro Covers

I have just seen a review by James Screech and I would like to put to put the record straight as it were.

1. Yes it did take me a few weeks to reply to James, this is because if I remember correctly, I did not have internet for a few weeks and was unable to reply to anyone.

2. Once I did reply, James placed an order with me for 2 scope covers and it took 11 days from him placing the order to me posting them to him, I do state on my website, please allow up to 10 days for a cover to be made, the delay was due to bad weather here, so the drying time had to be extended.

I hope that this will help anyone thinking about placing order with me to do so, and this is the first negative review I have seen regarding my covers.




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