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After a year of occasional trial and error I have my first meteor image, not of one of the several Perseids I saw on the morning of August 9 but a fainter sporadic in Cassiopeia. The sky was beginning to lighten with the dawn. Not very impressive but I guess we all have to start somewhere.

Sporadic in Cassiopeia (enhanced)

Sporadic in Cassiopeia

It's very tempting to leave the camera out all night shooting away by itself and then review the images afterwards, but how can meteor trails be unambiguously distinguished from artificial satellites without visual confirmation? For one, the previous and subsequent images had no evidence of a satellite, also there are bursts of brightness in the trail. Are there other ways to distinguish a meteor trail from other objects? I understand this may be an old topic  :smiley:

Equipment: Canon 450D, 24mm f 2.8, 10 sec exposure at ISO 1600.

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