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Upcoming weather - serious observing time


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Has anyone checked Metcheck lately?

According to them some very interesting weather coming.....like 10 days of clear skies :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :D

But hands up who thinks Metcheck are just having a wiggy 5 mins? :D:( :( :( :(

They'll change their forecast to 100% cloud by days end. :?

I hope they are right, certainly have to make the best of it if they are.


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just check this morning and it's better than I thought - looks like the clear spell starts from Friday this week!!!

May even have to bring the scope down to Dorset on Tuesday and see what the skies are like down here...


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Metcheck says i might get some clear skys this weekend, but it looks like its going to be cloudy over me for at least the next two weeks! :lol:

Typical, i get a nice new scope and all of a sudden loads of clouds come! Only had it out once so far, oh well im sure i'll get some clear skys soon!

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It was Friday onwards for me, now is Tuesday onwards.... :lol:

Metcheck have decided I've been a good girl, so they are saying Saturday instead of Tuesday..... :lol: I need to get out of the habit of checking their site, its not good for anger management.... :x


If you spend as much time on the Metcheck site as you do here I would start to worrie,

Saturday looks good for me only 2% cance of clouds ( bet Im the 2% :lol: )


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Sorry guys, but I think its me.

Getting ready to buy a scope so its almost on its way, then (HOW MUCH!) reality strikes, then again it will last a year or two, but its a LOT of money, yeah but its less than I spend on beer over five years, etc. etc.

Captain Prevarication

I,ve said it once and I will say it again .... Will people stop buying new telescopes :( we have enough cloud as it is at the moment :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :D :D :( :( :( :( :(:( :(

Look forward to your images C C that look great :( Cant wait to see more :(


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