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Veil Nebula: Now in Colour (130pds WIP)

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Well... its gone a bit cloudy for the forseeable future - so its time to process what I have.

This is slightly different from the OIII data I posted a few days ago, in that I dumped all that in favour of running the 130pds at f4.5. I was pretty confident that it would work this time given all the tweaking ive done to the focuser, it was just a case of finding the sweet spot while focusing where all four corners were acceptable - the bonus being that I have gained a bit more FOV. Ive also decided to put 52Cyg on the naughty step by way of a layer mask.

As usual, more data is required to get this one up to standard - but Ive already started work on the 2nd half, its just a case of waiting for the current run of cloud to vanish so I can at least grab some more Ha (cant do any more OIII til moon goes). So, its just over 2 hours per pane at the moment, early days.

17x450 Ha/OIII (synth green)

130pds, Atik 383L+, NEQ6, SWCC 0.9x

Setpoint: -15

Calib: Flats and Bias

Thanks for looking :)



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Really nice Rob, whats the bright star?

Thats 52Cyg mate, normally it turns into a bit of a monster when you process it - but Ive managed to keep a degree of control over it with a layer mask (I also applied it to a few other of the larger stars in the image as well).

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Really nice Rob, whats the bright star?

As Rob said it is 52 Cygni. The interesting point is that the star has no relationship to the Nebula, it just happens to be in the line of sight but what  a coincidence.


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