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Is there a machinist in the house?

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Hi all

I wonder if there is anyone willing to help me with a small machining job please?

I need about 2-3mm shaved off the diameter of an Ali heq5 pillar top plate to fit another pipe. Also a larger pier top in Ali needing taking down to about 90mm diameter from about 90mm 150mm. I could possibly post and cover return post plus a fee or swap etc

I can upload pics over weekend. If local to Manchester I can bring to you etc. Please add to thread and I Will then pm



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I'm in Macclesfield which might be useful if you're S. Manchester. Could perhaps do it while you wait if not a big job...


hi Chris

that would be awesome thanks! I am in stockport so not far away at all.

I Will send a pm :0)

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Cheers all I will be meeting with Chris soon and will report back when sorted. Just checked the fit of the new Ali tube and it's spot on height wise and weighs the same as the low steel version. Hopefully the offcut can be used as a short extension for the tripod we will see.

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Thanks to Chris's sterling efforts today I have now got a usable refractor without the chiropractor every week!

here's a pic of my pillar mount with new tube 1300mm long and Chris kindly turned down the top plate by a few 1000ths of an inch to allow it to fit.


He also kindly made a small plug for the bottom of the offcut and skilfully added the three fitting holes. His engineering skills are really honed.

I added this to my HEQ5 tripod and this also brings the giro mount to a more usable height with this scope. It will be some much easier to use now as I can see zenith sat in a garden chair with no bending and the horizon (just) with no stretching. it will work well with all three of my smaller scopes


Thanks so much Chris! you are a real gent.

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