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IC5146: Cocoon Revisited (130pds)

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Ok, so its not quite up the the standard of Peter's incredible rendition, mine is a bit more.... well lets say its bit "bargain basement" in comparison...lol. :D

Then again, its only 90min per pane (x2), binned, and the was colour provided from last years version from the 80ED as I already liked the colour scheme it had. Good news is that Flickr is fixed, so I can now link my images again which will also allow access to the full size image. Im  hoping for a bit more action tonight, but its a bit cloudy at the moment so the gear is on standby (all mounted but no cables or power yet).

Its always good fun watching DSS do a star count on this patch of the sky! Its also a good test of field flatness (dodgy stars will show quickly on this one) and I got four good corners - so im pleased on that front.

IC5146: Cocoon Nebula

18x300 (L) 2x2bin x2 panes

130pds, Atik 383L+, NEQ6

Thanks for looking :)



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Thanks Peter :)

I did actually flip the image after I stacked it, probably because I was thinking about getting it to match last years RGB data (as registration doesnt work if either are flipped). It never occurred to me that it might be the wrong way up in the first place... doh! :D 

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Thanks Sara :)  Its making me miss having RGB filters, thats for sure!

Perhaps later in the year I can invest in a 2" Red and Blue filter, just so I can get some bicolour on the go at least.

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