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M31, THE WIZARD and iC 1396

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Hi Every one, I took advantage of the clear skies last night,

So just for a change I blew the dust of the Sw 80mm Ed pro and set the QHY8L camera up on it.

All three images were taken with this setup, I was going to spend the 3 hours of darkness on one subject namely m31,

But I grossly underestimated when it would come into view by two hours, (Its a age thing) so in the end I decided o see

what I could get out of the scope camera setup, having never used the ccd camera on it.

All targets were 6 subs at ten minutes , apart from the wizard that got 4 five minute subs chucked at it as well for a total of 80 minutes.

All processing done in PI and PE

I must say Im fairly pleased with the results, but all are in need of 2 to 3 times the amount of time spent on them at least.

I shall plan more carefully next time and don't pick targets that go out of view. :)





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Thanks for you kind comments every one, much appreciated,

I don't think you can go far wrong with the 80 ed with flattener / reducer, very good value for money,

Pretty much Plug and play every time.


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Love the images :)

I recently bought the QHY8L & used it on Mon night with my SW Ed80pro, 12x5 min subs, no darks flats or bias & ended up with this, though had to crop because the rest looked all wishy washy


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