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Butterfly + Sadr - Now in colour (130pds)

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The last couple of nights have been pretty good in terms of sky quality (when it eventually cleared!), so ive managed to catch up on a couple of things. First being the addition of an hours worth of OIII per pane to the Butterfly.

Flikr has been playing up today (wont give me the BB share code, or any other code for that matter!), so I will host the images on SGL for a change. Ive done two colour versions, one with standard HOO colour (no OIII stretch), and another where the OIII has been pushed a bit.

Not sure whether to add more OIII as there are other parts of the sky calling!

15x450 Ha_L, 8x450 Ha_R, 8x450 OIII_G&B 2x2 bin, x2 panes

130pds, Atik 383L+, NEQ6

Calib: Flats and Bias

Thanks for looking! :)


Ha Lum:


Standard HOO:


OIII pushed + synth green:





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Thanks guys :)

And still the run of clear sky continues! Managed to bag some lum on the cocoon last night so Im hoping to find some time to process that later on (assuming Flikr is fixed so I can upload).

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Magnificent !! I like these a lot, very nice mate.

Cheers Guy :)

Flickr now seems to be fixed, so I can get to work on posting another image a bit later. I also managed to hoover up some of the Veil last night too, but its going to need some replacement subs as my focus wasnt quite right (resulting in a dodgy corner).

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Kbramley, on 24 Jul 2014 - 7:54 PM, said:Kbramley, on 24 Jul 2014 - 7:54 PM, said:

Nice work, loads of good contrast and nebulosity, the HOO is my favourite.

Cheers! But I might have a bit of a tinker with that one. For some odd reason it doesnt seem to carry as much detail as the Ha version.

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