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Wheels for a CPC800 Tripod

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Hi all

I have an issue at the moment where I need some assistance trying to work something out. Although the CPC800 is reasonable to carry outside to place on the mount, a recent stomach op is basically making this rather painful and it will not get better. I am looking at the possibility of placing a wheel on each of the tripod legs that I can lower to move the whole rig outside, then have the ability to lift the wheels once out so the mount then becomes stable.

Has anyone anything they use for the same principle? or is there a mechanical engineer out there who could advise on an adaption I could make.

This just means I can then wheel the whole scope in and out from the garden with ease.

Many thanks for any help.

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I can recommend the JMI wheely bars. I have two sets and they make wheeling in/out the garage a doddle.

I'm not sure if you can get them here in the UK? I went direct to the US for mine.

I have some photos of my scopes on them if you would like to see, if so pm your email and I'll send you a couple.

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