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I know it's childish but it made me laugh.

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Seeing as the weather is being a right pain at the moment I decided to just sit earlier and go through the Asteroid list. Seriously, who calls an Asteroid ( begins with an F and ends in a Y)" there is no way on earth I could keep a straight face telling anyone i'd been up all night looking for ( begins with an F and ends in a Y). I am still chuckling, and even the wife tutted.

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Apparently when they were thinking of the embarrassing old pronunciation of Uranus, they were actually thinking of changing the name completely. Top of the list was Urectum.

Ha ha, you obviously watched the same re-run of Futurama as me at the weekend. They had exactly that line in it. Still made me laugh......

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Sorry to be a old curmudgeon, but please remember the Code of Conduct .  Keep it clean please.

As a rough guide, try this test - would you want your 10 year old daughter reading it?

I have no daughters, so... yeah.  I'm fine with my non-existent daughter seeing whatever is out there.  Also, isn't the word in question a woman's name?  By filtering that word, you're preventing anyone with that name from actually using their own name.

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But this isn't the 'net'; it's a privately owned astronomy forum with a set of rules we all agreed to be bound by when we joined. We all know infantile innuendo isn't tolerated so let's get back to astronomy.

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