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My STF-8300M is getting dewed out :(

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Hello to all, I hace been having problems with my SBIG STF-8300M. The thing is that the images are getting dewed after a while. I notice this because a faint shadow starts to grow on the image, and increases from image to image. The whole histogram gets a bit darker. I have to increase the temperature to make it go away. I acknowledge that I live in an extremely moist environment, but is this normal? Right now I got dew at 5C. I am retrying at 10C. I reheated the desiccant less than a month ago, and I keep the camera in a closed room with a dehumidifier. Let me know what you think!

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Are you getting dew forming on the outside face of the cover glass? It's a common problem and aome cameras have heaters for the glass to counteract this. You could try wrapping an eyepiece dew heater band around the outside of the nosepiece/camera connector.


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It could be that it is not enough! :( Last night, the humidity could be felt on the air, and the weather app showed 94% relative humidity. I took a few 20 min exposures at 10C and there was no dew. But now I worry about a noisy camera since I can't cool it too much :'(

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