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Thought I'd start a book review section...

Title - Moondust - In Search Of The Men Who Fell To Earth.

Author - Andrew Smith

ISBN - 0747563691

Price £8.99 (£3.75 Tesco's)

Short listed by Richard and Judy's Book Club Award. (Not sure if that's a good thing or not!!)

The Apollo Moon Programme has been called the last optimistic act of the twentieth century. Over a strange three year period between 1969 and 1972, twelve men made the longest and most eccentric of all journeys all were indelibly marked by it. Of those astronauts who walked on the moon only nine are still alive. One day in the future there will be none: no one on earth will have known the giddy thrill of gazing back at us from another world. In Moondust, Andrew Smith sets out to find and interview the remaining Moonwalkers in order to learn their lives, and ours, were changed by this surreal adventure for ever.

An informative and very interesting insight into the Apollo program, in depth interviews with the remaining Astronauts who set foot on the moon and a behind the scenes insight into what was happening during the missions.

Well worth the Tesco's price.


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