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24mm widefield eyepieces - ES or BH?


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need to choose between an Explore-Scientific 24mm and Baader 24mm Hyperion for my f/12 skymax.

both are 1.25" , 68 degrees FOV and cost almost the same.

anybody had the opportunity to use them both? any opinions? what would you choose?

i know that the skymax is not choosy on eyepieces due to its focal length, but i liked my new eyepieces also to usable

in a faster scope in the future.

thank you!

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I think the MaxVision 24mm 68 deg is still available for very little. I have one (two actually, for when I get a binoviewer) and it is VERY good.  I gather they have the same optical design as the ES, but are different mechanically. I have not looked through the 24mm Hyperion, but from what I have heard the ES, MV and Meade 24mm EPs are a bit better.

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Maxvision are a rebadged Meade series 5000 SWA and I would say better than a Hyperion eyepiece but in your scope which has long focal length and over F10 it would not make much difference.

Buy the Maxvision anyway.


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thank you all!

the ES24 i was asking about is the argon-purged one... any comments/opinions about that?

anyway nice to hear good reviews about the maxvision24 as it wasnt an option at first but now im thinking about getting one :]


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+2 for the ES, very good quiality ep's, the gas content whether Nitrogen (N2) or Argon (Ar) makes no difference to viewing but ensures dust free environment at the critcal glass surfaces inside.  Also the ES work well in fast scopes if ever you get one.

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