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Many years ago I must admit I was a fully paid up member of BUFORA, the British UFO Research Association.  It was a fairly serious group who tried to conduct some level of sensible investigation into unexplained phenomenon of various descriptions.  Some of the work they published was quite good.  I can recall some work into Ball Lightning which was quite respectable and involved the contribution of mainstream physicists.  Anyhow, one thing I did learn was that even experienced observers, pilots etc, would be prone to over estimating the velocity of a moving object within a blank field of reference.  If one is lacking important visual cues the brain will fill in the gaps.  Saying that however, in the many years of my astronomy I have witnessed aerial / atmospheric events that I still find inexplicable, including witnessing a naked eye very high speed glowing object zoom across my field of vision.  Some of this maybe NASA / military X-projects. Google "Project Pluto" to see what crazy stuff was in development in the 1960's, then consider what level of secret tech has been developed since then. 

Sprites ?


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I've been an astronomer  for 40+ years. Have seen a few unexplainable things at night ,and also managed to capture one fast moving light in the daytime. One Sunday afternoon in February 2007. In the back garden in Coventry UK ,with my new Canon dslr + 105mm lens in my hand,  set up with fast shutter,infinity-focused...and within 10  minutes suddenly saw a bright light flying level with the north horizon,from east to west. Much faster than any low-level nearby fighter plane I have seen before. Probably too slow for a meteor however.Totally silent.Maybe 30 degrees elevation. Just about had time to bring my camera to my eye ,and fire off a burst of 3 frames. Ecstatic to find the object on one frame.
Image is a crop from the original 10mp raw .Shows a tiny yellowish-white light . I cannot stress enough how fast this thing was . Crossed most of the northern sky in less than 5 seconds.
I sent the image to well-known astronomy author Ian Ridpath, who rules out a meteor, and said it *could* be a helicopter.  I would say no chance.

daytime light.jpg

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