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Lakeside Stepper Motor Help Needed

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1 hour ago, kirkster501 said:

Holy thread revival.......

Does the temperature sensor thingy still work on the Lakeside motor when you use the Mount Hub Pro?  Also, what options for manual focus since I like to do visual as well....?

No it doesn't. You need to use an external unit and tell SGPro to use that. 

Mount hub has an optional plug in focus box which lets you focus without being connected to the PC so not strictly manual, but not PC reliant. 

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3 hours ago, kirkster501 said:

Thanks, what external units are available and how do they interface to SGP in that case?

I have an Astromi unit on my mount, which reports to SGPro via its ASCOM driver, and you select "use external weather device", or other similar wording which I can't recall off the top of my head, in your focus module for temperature monitoring.  It actually works really well, but as I now have my Lakeside control unit mounted next to the OTA I really only use this unit for monitoring the dew point so I can decide when to switch on the dew heaters.

Astromi Weather Station

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