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very first telescope

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Hi Chris and welcome to the forum. The best advice I can give you is to get hold of a copy of Turn Left at Orion. A great book that list around a 100 bright objects for you to find using both written and visual instructions on how to find them. It provides a lot of information on how to set up your scope, how to get the best out of it and lots of other hints and tips such as how to plan your viewing session to make the best use of your time. You can take a look here at the general layout to give you an idea of how easy it is to use.

In addition to the above book, you might want to consider downloading some free planetarium software called Stellarium. Very use in helping you learn the sky and also to know where objects are. It can be configured to show you an identical sky to that which you can see from your observation site and it also has a useful advance date/time feature which allows you to roll the sky forward in order to anticipate what is coming up over the horizon. In fact there a re a lot of other useful tools on it to keep you entertained when the clouds come in - and they usually do!

You might want to post your question over on the beginners section, as you are likely to receive more responses there because more people visit that part of the forum.  :smiley:

Clear skies and hope you enjoy your stay.


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HI and welcome
what scope have you bought, most of us list our equipment in our sig line
it helps for members to know what you have when answering your questions

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Hi and welcome to SGL - This is an informative place with loads of friendly folks, so I'm sure you'll find stuff to help you out :grin:

Look forward to seeing you around :smiley:

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Hi Chris and welcome to SGL, the forum will provide a wealth of information for you to tap into, just post your inquiries into the various sections for advice. Enjoy your new scope :)

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