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I've seen Saturn!!!!!

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Well, I told you I'd let you know!

Found it where it should be after a bit of a wait due to next door's house roof being in the way. A tremendous sight and I now feel like a fully fledged amateur astronomer (ok so I'm not as experienced as some but the excitement has got to me! I'm even missing Shameless so I can post this topic!).

Thanks to all the well wishers. It's great to have such support and I'm glad I joined SGL.

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:D i saw it for the first time just after Crimbo. Good innit. My mate's wife had a look the other night and I think she was more amazed than I was the first time. A sort of dance at the eyepiece but without any movement of the head. Most unusual.
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Certainly Is!

I first saw it a few weeks back. One of my highlights!

I actually prefer looking at it at about 60X mag, than my highest which Is about 300x. It is brighter, and just looks so cool being in the same field as other stars, but having the rings around it!

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I still remember the first time I saw Saturn through a telescope. For me the best thing about Saturn is that I can look at it again and again. If I'm out observing and looking for other objects like say Globular Clusters if Saturn is in the sky I will keep returning to it...


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Saturn and it's rings are the first target I ever pointed my scope at, and I remeber shouting out WOW :D

The last time I saw it was around June? last year, I can't see it yet from where I live (houses in the way) but give it another few weeks and I can't wait to see the difference a year has made to how the rings have closed up!!!


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