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Scope, I seem to have had my heritage 130p in the house now for ages, it's only been a week. Just managed to bag a very quick glimpse of the moon before the clouds rolled in. Nice crisp views using the 25 and 10mm EP that come with the scope, I'm a happy man.

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Great stuff... you should chdck out the observing luna section and "luna 100" targets its a nice list of targets and as the moon progresses to full it'll show how interesting our nearest neighbour is...

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IMO, at this time of year the Moon's terminator provides us with our best viewing, last night was a good example. The terminator was fairly close to the Apollo11 landing site and gave good views of Sabine, Ritter, B & C. I found Armstrong but Aldrin & Collins eluded me. Further up the terminator shadows beautifully highlighted Bessel and Menelaus.

Another good resource is the Virtual Moon Atlas http://sourceforge.net/projects/virtualmoon/ which has an option to change the clock to help you pre-plan a session.

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This list of ojects and other things I need to look at through my cope now seem to be endless, I best get started...........

Rome wasn't built in a day. They had to come back the next day to do the decorating.

Congrats on the new scope. Its a great little scope.

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