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when things don't work out as planned

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Well things went a little pear shaped earlier. I found a dark site near to todmorden obs but it has amazing southern horizons with nothing to spoil the views, perfect.

I thought nice no moon sky, lets have a late session, planned it all, Sagittarius was the main target area and so spent an hour planning ahead on stellarium.

Loaded car, checklisted everything off, scope, obs seat, power pack etc, all present and correct. 

Got to site, aligned up scope (very well too) and was looking forward to a late night session. Had a low power view of Saturn and she was brilliant but it was chilling off and this is when I realised I had no flaming coat or other warm clothing and up on the moors the wind chill was palpable.

Loaded car back up cursing under ny breath, what an idiot. 

Only bright note was the site I found is going to be a gem in the right conditions


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Even living here I keep a jacket and raincoat in the vehicle at all times just in case. Doesn't mean I never forget something, though.

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hahhaha, you lot can get lost, it was bloomin freezing. I wear a t shirt when others are wearing overcoats with woolie hats. However I will not let this happen again.

BTW it wasnt from the tod obvs but cant say where as I am still waiting full permission, I think I will get it but dont want to push my luck ;-)

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