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Walking on the Moon

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I set out to capture M36, 37, and 38 tonight. I'll have to try again tomorrow. I did get M38, dead to rights. It was -7 out, but somehow much, much less cold than last night's -9. I didn't have to zip up my parka, and I only used my hood to block some stray light. I carefully examined the map of Auriga, and put my red dot in the right place to get M37, knowing that M37 is about the size of the full moon. Could not find it, no how. I searched up into Auriga, and finally came up with M38, definitely, for sure, couldn't be anything else.

Tried six ways to Sunday to find M36, which I know is 1/3 the size of the full moon. It probably didn't help that I was using my 15mm ep, and thought I had put the 32mm ep in. Anyway, I came up with a maybe on M36. I should go back out there and put the 32mm ep in, and try again, even though the moon is way up.

I din't actually look at anything else. Ignored Saturn and M42 completely. The sky was of better transparency than before, but there were some thin clouds moving across the sky, and getting thicker and thickerer. Did a bad sketch of Tycho. Tried to make him pay for it, but he refused. I'll have to find another way to make money out of this hobby.

OK, went out for a second look, using the 32mau mau plossl. I'm using an ep with a FOV of 1 3/8 degrees, but I can't see a cluster the size of the moon, with 500 stars in it. Auriga is right overhead now, and that is the worst position to look at anything in. Next time we have a clear night, I'll try again, with the 32mm ep, and see what I can do. It shouldn't be this difficult.

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