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Arduino Ascom focuser Mark2

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13 hours ago, AngryDonkey said:

Just stumbled across this and having been through the ordeal of writing  a switch driver from scratch just now I thought I could help out. I've downloaded the source from the github repository and rebuilt the driver for Any CPU. I've also added an Inno installer (quick and dirty, hopefully it will work). The result can be downloaded here:


This might throw up anti virus warning as it is not signed in any way. It is clean but please use at your own risk, I didn't write the code...


Thanks Mike. That works a charm. AAF2 now loads straight into NINA and FireCapture 64 bit. 👍👏🏆🏅

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Version 2.4.0 is now released on the SF Site https://sourceforge.net/projects/arduinoascomfocuser/files/Mark2/Software/V2.4.0/ I have made a few changes to the sketch and the Driver that I have been p

Finished at last! It's turned out even better than I expected. Direct drive, 12v stepper.

Looks good silos. I just finished putting my in the container, now just need to decide either direct drive or belt. Currently have it on direct drive but we'll see when it comes time to take some pi

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Just now, BlobHunter said:


I went through a similar process to Mike (mostly to get it working for APT) and have a roughly working driver.

Not been successful with NINA so far (as I mostly use APT).  But let me know if you have no success with the above.

Thanks for your offer. Mike's solution works for both NINA and FireCapture 64 bit version.

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