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Cold one tonight..

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'twas -5 degrees here, im no nanny but the thought of another 10 hr stretch with frostbitten toes just killed it :insects1:

My toes are still feeling cold from 2 nights back!

My scopes have all got ice crystals on them, i do wonder if the glass could crack :shock:

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The turbulence was even evident through my finder scope last night! haven't seen that before! must have been all the thermals from the the stunning weather during the day. I'm a real blouse when it comes to being cold so I didn't spend much time out there last night but the moon looked great (when it was still).

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It got down to -5.5 here in East Kent although i was inside for most of the time watching Red Dwarf repeats on Dave whilst the cameras did their thing,Still my North Face Parka earned every penny when i did go outside. :D

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It got to about -2 here.

There was no wind to speak of so I didn't really get affected by the cold.

The seeing was excellent. Not often I can split several sub-arc seconds doubles in 1 night.



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