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MaxIm DL V6.0 Released


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Waiting with interest on your review Steve!  Some of the functional changes look interesting, but I'm particularly tempted by the changes which should make the interface much more responsive (ASCOM, threading etc) and stop it looking up during download and if anything goes wrong with one element.


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I've installed it but am waiting for all the initial bugs to be ironed out. It was up to 6.03 the last time I looked. Fortunately you can install version 5 and 6 on the same machine but I won't be changing over yet as 5 works fine with ACP, if it ain't broke and all that.

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Thought I'd better give v6 a go before the season starts for me. Tried out the multistar guiding & much to my surprise it seems to have worked first time. I wasn't expecting much as I'm using an OAG, hadn't done any dark calibration & could hardly pick out stars from the snow! However, seems to have been happy enough on 900s runs.. before the clouds gave me the old "star faded"

Mind you I haven't checked the graph or errors that closely.

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Be interesting to see if your data correlates, as all my gear is new tuning it to <0.05 variance as per my old gear has been a challenge, one I have not yet quite figured out!

Probably combo of Maxim errors and getting familiar with new gear but combining them has me stumped for now.

Think I will try the multi-star option or validate on v5 or Phd to rule out any other areas when the sky permits.


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