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International Astronomy Show

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We don't often attend astronomy shows but the International Astronomy Show at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre proved a massive hit last year so we have booked a stall this Saturday and Sunday. 

We will be manning stall 52 between Atik Cameras and Borg Telescopes (clever, eh? :glasses2:). 

It isn't surprising the event is so successful. It is easy to visit, has it's own large car park, large cafe and plenty of elbow-room inside for visitors and exhibitors. There are also speakers giving talks on a number of subjects throughout both days. What is there not to like?  :icon_biggrin:

And of course there are retailers, manufacturers and distributers. Just about everyone will be there but here are some I think will be of most interest: 

The Widescreen Centre - Simon and Ylena always put on a good show and are probably the best at bringing together Astronomy's big brands. 

Ian King Imaging - Ian is one of the good guys specialising in high-end kit and this year he will be sharing his stall with the man from QSI. 

HitecAstro - A UK company with a fast-growing range of astro accessories. 

Celestron UK - Adam and his team will be showing a wide range of Celestron products, I think the man from Baader Planetarium will also be there. 

Astrotrac Limited - Still the 'best' portable tracking device. And it's British! 

Telescope House - Probably the UK's longest running astro retailer, specialises in Meade products. 

Green Witch - Another long established traditional retailer. Lee and Neil have an excellent reputation that is well deserved. 

Modern Astronomy - Bern and Dion will be manning the MA stall. For anything QHY or TS, they are your men. 

Alair Astro - Nick and Ian have been in the business a long time and are best known for Starwave telescopes and Ioptron mounts. 

Astronomia - Astronomia are a relatively new retailer but are growing fast and already have a showroom in the South East. 

Vixen-Opticron - Pete and Rob always put on a good display and really know their stuff so for advice on Vixen products and Opticron binoculars do pay them a visit. 

Space Rocks - Seriously, for all things meteorites nobody does it better. One of my favourite stalls! 
Orion Optics - A UK manufacturer of telescopes so worth a visit. 

Starlight Xpress - A UK manufacturer of imaging cameras and some of the nicest people in the business. 

Pulsar Observatories - Probably the best manufacturer and supplier of traditional observatories. 
Atik cameras - As the UK's largest retailer of Atik cameras we are clearly biased but FWIW I don't think anyone offers better CCD cameras, for the price. 

Borg Telescopes - My favourite manufacturer of Japanese telescopes. Meet Ted Ishikawa, the man responsible for product development and quality control. 

First Light Optics - Yaaay! James, Grant and myself will be manning the FLO stall and will be unveiling something new that we have been working on for a while now... 

There are more, lots more, so apologies to anyone I should have mentioned  :icon_salut:

Tickets can be purchased on the day. 

For more details please see the organiser's website http://www.ukastroshow.com

Please come and say hi. We'll have Jaffa Cakes... discounts too...  :hello:


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Interesting Steve, I'm toying between the 460/490 or the Atik One 6.0 so it'll be good to look at these firsthand and get some advise. Mel Ohh and behind the curtains does it say beachweAR OUtfitter

I've suggested we get some FLO onesies - if our market research is anything to go by these are particularly popular with Astronomers!

Looking forward to it, not met Grant before...

He's promised to behave... :smiley: 

Grant is our IT manager and is largely responsible for the project we will be unveiling at the show. 

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I was going to head down on Friday but may have to hold off to Saturday...and stop teasing with these mystery unveilings :D

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I'm still debating whether to go or not.

When I was in the Telescope House the other day, the other half saw the poster for the show and asked if I would like to go.

It would be rude not to.

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I'll be there on Saturday Steve, looking forward to tring out some of those Vixen 2.1 x 42's and if Atik are doing any sort of discount it could end up being a very expensive day, I might need an empty Jaffa cake box to smuggle something back home :)


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Ok so is there a picture of a cloud in there? (I am good at spotting them now for some reason - ah yes practice thats it )

See you at the show on Sunday.

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I can't make it either - My mother-in-law (rather selfishly if you ask me) decided she wanted to have her 80th birthday this weekend :sad:... 

Still, I suppose the silver-lining is that at least my credit card is safe - I'm sure it'll be a terrific weekend :smiley:

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I would really love to be there but due to the distance and the fact I only have 120 quid in the UK, it wouldn't be much fun without buying things. Good luck to all that attend and I hope there are some bargains to be had and interesting guests talking.


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