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Elephant trunk in Ha (130pds)

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As forecasted the clear spell for Saturday arrived just as it got dark (which is 11pm now!). So only three hours in which to do something.

The original plan was to add more OIII to the Pelican, but I got 90min into this one and decided I may as well go the whole distance and try to get something half decent. No binning this time, just so I can get a bit of image scale back into it. Not an ideal sky either, it was a bit twinkly with a red/orange haze on the horizon so that probably explains why the stars were a little fatter than I expected - even though I went back to check the focus (twice!).

Its my first proper go at this with the 383, I remember last time it took a mosaic (with the 314) just to get the trunk, except this time ive got it all in one shot with quite a bit of dark stuff hanging about.

More to follow over the coming months as it climbs into a more favourable position.


6x600 + 8x900 (Ha) 1x1bin

130pds, Atik 383L+, NEQ6, MPCC MkIII

Setpoint: -15c

Calib: flats and bias

Sampling rate: 1.7" p/p

Thanks for looking :)



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lensman57, on 01 Jun 2014 - 8:53 PM, said:lensman57, on 01 Jun 2014 - 8:53 PM, said:

Beautiful  Rob, the resolution and the contrast is first class. All hail Ha.


Thanks, I think once this gets up to about 5 hours Ha it will start to look something like the binned stuff I was doing (in terms of signal), except it will allow me a few more processing options to get a cleaner, sharper image.

@ RobH: Cheers mate :)  its been a long road, but the 130 is finally settled and ready for regular action. As long as I dont bang it about I shouldnt have to fiddle with it again for some time.

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Cheers Sara, kinda glad I stuck with it and just left the camera snapping :)  Once this one is out of the way im going to have another go at the soap bubble, hopefully the 130 can deliver that trickly little blighter.

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Superb, 4 grand cheaper than a Takahashi 106.. You're the master of little scope Rob..

:D Ohhhh, if only it had the same build quality!

I think the 383 is playing a big part too, it really does wake up when you throw a faster f-ratio at it.

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