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Yes Virginia, there is a Cassini division

The Warthog

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Tonight turned out to be as clear as the night was last night, without the wind. It was -9 degrees, but I didn't know that when I set up. I quickly found that I had to zip up my parka, and eventually put the hood up, too. The moon was just above the horizon, but not messing up the viewing too much when I started. I prowled about Auriga, and thought I had bagged one of the Ms there, but it appears that I hadn't. Had a good time, though. Put the scope on Saturn, and accidentally caught Praesepe on the way, and put my 8mm X-Cel in first, then my 6mm Antares Plossl. I focused and refocused the ep until I was sure the focus was as good as I could get, and watched and watched, until I was sure I had seen the Cassini division, however briefly (about 1/2 second, a couple of times. (Note to self: get a bigger scope.)) I didn't want to waste the focus on that Antares, so I went for a look at M42. I had to put my 15mm in to search a little, but did so without refocusing, so the image was blurry until I put the 6maumau in, and got the best look at M42 that I can remember, with the Trapezium clear as a four spot on a die. Put the 8mm in for its quality, but had to refocus, but got a good view of M42 through that ep, too. Then I had to go in, because my fingertips felt like they were being squeezed in pliers, and my heels felt like blocks of ice.

Came back about half an hour later, and put the scope on the moon, using the 8mm (126x.) Mare Crisium's outer edge has a wonderfully complicated frieze of craters and mountains, with Plutarch (I think) giving the illusion of being a bubble on the surface, rather than a hole. Moved up the terminator, checking the names of craters as I went, but then had to put everything away, as it was clouding up, and I was freezing parts off. (Note to self: wear another sweater next time.)

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-9, hmmmm. Might have needed a pair of jeans instead of shorts but other than that..... :lol:

WH your reports are always so eloquent - it's like being there with you!! Glad you had a superb night :lol:

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