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I'm trying to find out when Jupiter will be visible in Southern Spain June - July. Does anyone know?

And is it difficult to see/find?


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Cannot give an answer other then to say if you have Stellarium loaded then advance the date to June/July and see it is visible.

I half suspect it will not be by then.

It is getting well down in the West here and the time you mention there will be more day light then now and it will be lower still.

If it is visible then it is easy to find and see. It is (simply put) the bright thing - well other then the moon and the sun.

Any reason why not going for it now before it is on the wrong side of the sun??

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Pretty tricky, I'm afraid. Jupiter is way past opposition and heading nearer the sun in the sky. In early June it will be low down in the West after sunset, but it depends how bright the sky is as to whether you will see it.

EDIT Was forgetting how close to June we are! Just checked now, and Jupiter is aging brightly in the West so give it a go in early June and you will see it no problem.

You must be very careful not to look at the sun if using binoculars or a scope otherwise you will permanently damage your eyes. Wait until the sun has set before trying.

I think any later than early June and it will be impossible.

Best maybe to try Mars and Saturn now and wait until Jupiter is better placed next time around.

Here is an image of where Jupiter will be on 1st June at 10pm just after sunset near Malaga. It will be around 25 degrees above the horizon at that time.




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I have been watching Jupiter nightly over last few weeks (cloud permitting) and it is starting to move into the sunset for us up in higher latitudes but you should be able to see it easily in the early part of the night in the western sky, being further south your sunset is earlier so should get a glimpse.  Before long the end of the month will be getting too close to the sun to be visible at night and we will have to wait until it comes out the other side as a morning object later in the year - it will probably be November before it will be visible in the late night sky again depending on your definition of 'late night' and how good your horizons are.

Stu is of course very correct in his notes above and I agree mars and Saturn are much easier objects to spot currently.



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