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Allsky cams and sensor burn

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Another new project in the to do list, but doing some research first. I am working on an allsky cam solution and researching cams etc, and something sprung to mind. If the cam is in a clear dome pointing straight up, is there any chance of sensor damage when the sun is up. I haven't found any info yet on cams that auto adjust to reduce the exposure etc when the sun is shining although I have seen a few dome cams that state not to be used in direct view of the sun.

Has anyone any experiences of sensor damage due to sunlight.

The cam will be used for cloudwatch during solar imaging/observing and night sky meteor watching.

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We have been using a vertical all sky camera for sometime without any noticeable problem from a solar source. The camera is intended for meteor detection and takes a photo only if motion is detected, it runs 24/7 and is useful for cloud cover observation without having to keep looking outside, we have no windows in the observatory.  :smiley:

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