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Copernicus & Oceanus Procellarum

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Hi All,
Took these shots (video) on our last clear sky. It was a full moon so the images were a bit flat.
To fix that I used AS!2 for stacking, Registax 6 for Wavelets and Photoshop Elements 8 for the final touches.
Camera --- Opticstar PX-75
Exposure setting-------- Auto, with AE Grey set to 30.
Original number of frames-------1500

Hopefully I got the names correct. Matched them with a NASA Moon Map.





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Thanks Pat,

Getting there slowly.

Using AS2 followed by Registax was suggested by PeterCPC and Chris (Owmuchonomy). Better results from my original efforts.

So my thanks to them, for their help.

Perhaps I should have darkened and added a bit more contrast to Copernicus, still looks a little flat. 



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