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How to attach AutoGuider to FinderScope?

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Hmmmm.... the OP is in Australia so I'm not sure how much help Bern can be in this case.

I would ask the same question on "Iceinspace" forum and they may be able to suggest a local supplier for an adaptor. What you need is something that screws into the finder (when the finder eye piece is removed) and has an aperture to accommodate the autoguider. You can get them certainly - but it might need a little rooting out.

We do have some Aussie based members here too, so hopefully one of them will be along soon. :)

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Thinking about similar things Rasta, previously looked into this.

From what I read something along the lines of see below is required. Remove nose piece from camera and add the T2 compatible adapter to the 9x50 finder.

You need to check that it is compatible with your camera though. I don't know.

Full details on TS site.

Lacerta adaption for M-Gen autoguider to Skywatcher 9x50 finder
... allows a directly screwed adaption to the 9x50 finder - a very compact guide scope!


The Lacerta M-Gen is a powerful Autoguider with high resolution. For telephoto lenses and telescopes with medium focal length, a 9x50 viewfinder is sufficient to be used for auto guiding. It saves expensive guiding scope!

Easy & solid screwed adaptation:

Just screw the eyepiece counter-clockwise out of your viewfinder and put the parfocal adapter in place. Now you cann attach your M-GEN directly and your finder has been turned into a compact guiding scope.

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thank u all for the  helpful replies. @RichM63 is the image the image that's not showing? post-35262-0-87554100-1401068877.jpg

so basically this is the adapter I need? post-35262-0-27073700-1401068879.jpg

cant find any at www.bintel.com.au or myastroshop.com.au  :confused:

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the adapter at Modern Astronomy will cost me about $50AUD (P&H not included) plus will take several days or weeks to arrive. it'll be better for me to just purchase the Orion Mini 50 Guide Scope locally for $100AUD. well saying that, I ordered the Orion ShortTube 80 Guide Scope last night :D

thank u all again


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