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Recommended brand for sturdy pocket torch?

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Apologies in advance for yet another torch thread.

I need a red torch, and I don't really want to buy a red torch. I've read the various threads about nail varnish, sweet wrappers, red cellophane etc, and I'd like to get a stubby LED torch and attach red cellophane to it using rubber bands, because then I can attach layers until I have it how I like it.

Problem is, there are millions of pocket torches out there. While the pound shop ones look great, they last all of a week or so before they start flickering and stop working, and I imagine the similarly- priced ones online will do the same. So I'd like to buy a stubby torch that will actually last. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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Get one for the front of a bicycle, you will need about 1w as a red filter removes a lot of the light.

If you need red filter material try a hobby craft store they usually have some red acetate of assorted shades hidden somewhere.

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