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Lunar disc 6th May 2014 ST80+350D

Mr TamiyaCowboy

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title says it all two images with the ST80 and the trusty old canon 350d

setup is direct scope to canon EOS T-mount , rough eyeball via viewfinder focus

i was in a rush, the biggest image is a crop @100% and a shutter speed of 1/4000 all 17 frames worth

the second image is a 1920x1080 crop and a shutter speed of 1/1250 only 3 images taken at this slower shutter

both have an ISO800 and been registax'ed

All 20 frames are Handheld no mount used or tripod, pipps was my choice of tool as with registax 6



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caught a glimpse earlier before the gap in the cloud closed, its now raining and I have consigned myself to a few beers to console myself
knowing my luck after tin 4 the cloud will part :)

congrats on getting any image under our terrible weather

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Nice, I thought I was the only nutter that handheld the scope for lunar attempts...

could say we are both lunartics :-)

 I've done one with a Skymax 127 handheld just to see if it was possible. Turns out it was possible but the results I got weren't that great. I'll not be doing it that way again!

Lovely ST80 moon Mr TC :)

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Thank you everyone. 

yes the noise is annoying, registax just does not like much on wavelets, and

i had to RGB align red and blue channels ( well i just aligned them.


i have been getting some uber practice lol, i have been making a few bird feeders to mull my time away,

try build up some sort of stamina and get the old ticker working a little ( hand sanding and cutting ).

at the same time my newfound feeders have made there way into the garden. 
I not only use the ST80 for astro but i also use it for grabbing shots of the feeder stations for the birds.

learning to adopt a good strong stance is key , and be quick in shooting, longer the lens is up the more heavy it becomes

and the more sway is induced. 

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