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First attempt at Lunar stacking


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Hi, done the odd Moon shot before but never tried stacking them !

47 x Nikon raws, pipped for size / centreing , Registax 5 for stacking / light wavelets and levels / contrast tweaked in CS6

Wavelets are brutal on Lunar aren't they, nothing like planetary processing  :grin:


This was a Nikon D7100 on a WO Zenithstar 71

Thanks for looking

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Thanks Dave , it's cropped from original size ... Was probably only about the centre 20% of the sensor.

Somehow it went to black and white in the processing too, it was a blue sky evening shot originally :-)

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Well it's a very different approach for me, up til now I've just taken one shot at a high shutter speed and tweaked in Photoshop , but having seen some of the quality images on the forum I thought I'd have a go.

So , yes ... I think I'm a convert

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you could find that either registax OR PIPP has settings made to convert to monochrome 

now the above i would go for PIPPS thats done the monochrome conversion.

when you next load up PIPPS have a look through those tabs for ( gimmie a mo booting pipps up ) .....

................  ok here we go .... 

open pipps when you have your images/video selected.

click Input Options 

right pannel side look for : inputframe color/mono 

now you need to set this to COLOR. auto detect can sometimes make a color image monochrome, 

so force PIPPS to run color mode ;)

BTW most Awesome shot knobby , keep up the good work and practice makes perfect 

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Thanks for the kind words chaps, I think my pipp is on auto, I'll check next time

Yes next door to the input settings is the processing tab. Hit this and check left panel

it says convert from color to monochrome also make sure this tab is not selected 

what could happen is your input files are color, but when it comes to the processing it sees the covert to mono tab selected and will do a convert to monochrome using

the RGB channels ( i think this is where your mono is coming from ) , worth double checking the color/mono settings before Do All tabing ;)

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Great image! 

I never use Registax for stacking and sharpening lunar images as it is very easy to get lost with the wavelet filters. I have only used the AS! 2 where already get a slightly sharp image that give just a retouch with the type and Irfan photofiltre programs. 

If you want to see a worked the way I told you picture check this link: http://www.astrobin.com/full/31957/0/

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