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42 pane surface mosaic


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Been working on this mosaic for quite a while now but I unfortunately didn't get enough panes to complete it so I've given up and  cropped what I had to create this 42 pane mosaic of the surface of the Sun.
Weather conditions were pretty poor which shows up with lighter and darker areas which unfortunately the autoblend function in PS couldn't eliminate completely but pleased with this compromise.
The completed mosaic would of consisted of about 160 panes if I had done it properly.....!
Captured on the 17th April 2014 using my Evolunt 150 and DMK31 camera using the software Sharpcap. Aligned manually in PS.


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Well done for even trying such a mammoth task. 160 frames would take about  1.5 hrs to complete, and the changing face of the sun would make it a near impossible task to align and blend.

Jolly good effort all the same.

I would like to see a pic of the Evolunt.

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Yes I know it's difficult to do such a large mosaic but I was willing to give it a go.

I've done a 120 pane in the past but it takes such a long time to manually align them all up I don't generally do them now.

Here's a picture of the Evolunt - Skywatcher Evostar 150 donerscope, Lunt 60PS etalon = Evolunt 150 :tongue:  


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