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Polarizer Issues

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This is probably going to sound retarded but, oh well.

When using a variable polarizer on any given eyepiece, do you REALLY have to remove the whole assembly from the focuser just to change the setting?

Sounds insane to me.

Is this the standard for all scopes?

:confused:  :rolleyes:

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Thanks for the reply. No, the only diagonal is on the finder scope. Guess I'm stuck with the hard way Lol!

Still, you'd think they would have improved that by now.  :rolleyes:

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Hi, if you are using 1.25" eps and a 2" to 1.25" adaptor you can stick one part of the polariser in the bottom of the adaptor and the other part on the ep itself and just rotate as suggested above.  I see you have two polarisers, you can mix and match these to the right fitting, ie. a 2" one to the adaptor and a 1.25" to the ep.  Not sure how this would work out with a 2" ep.  Me, I prefer to use the fixed density filters (13% and 25%) as I feel it is less faff, and you know what you are getting when you use them.  I have the Lumicon ND13 and ND25, highly recommended.

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Hi Robin,

Thanks for the input. Only thing I'm missing is the adapter.

Any idea what one of those would set me back?

Tight budget here and I have to pick my toys carefully!  :tongue:

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Hi SunBear, no, not that one but one of these: http://agenaastro.com/antares-2-to-1-25-twist-lock-eyepiece-adapter.html  I have the Orion version of this one and it is very good.  You can use 2" filters with it and insert 1.25" eyepieces. 

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