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Hi guys.  Sorry I have been absent for such a while! I just realised it's been about a year since I posted here last! How slack haha! Been busy with work, and buying of a new business, and haven't had much time to get outside, plus the weather hasn't

been really great or consistent, but I have managed to get a few images in!

Thought I'd share the best of what I have achieved over the past year, hope you like them :)

All were imaged through the RC10 on the G11, in Lakes Entrance, Australia. With the Sculptor Galaxy, it was my first image with the new QHY9, and I used the wrong setting, so there is a slightly noticeable band across the lower half of the image.

Tarantula Nebula in Ha, 6 Hours, 36, 10 minute subs, binned 2x2 with the QHY9

Eagle Nebula, 11 Hours, 44, 15 minute subs with the QHY10

Sculptor Galaxy 6 Hours Exposure (First light with the QHY9) 3 Hours L, 3 Hours RGB

Keyhole Nebula, 2 Hours, 8x15 minutes with the QHY10

NGC 4372, 3 Hours, 18x10 minute subs with the QHY10

Gabriela Mistral Nebula in Ha, 10 Hours, 30x 20 minute subs with the QHY9

Gabriela Mistral Nebula in HaRGB, 25 Hours total, 15 Hours in RGB+10 Hours Ha, with the QHY9

Thanks for looking :)









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