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M 31 Andromeda Galaxy, 41 hours and 27megapixel mosaic


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Just spent another 30 minutes looking through this image and I kept seeing things I didn't see a few days ago when I first saw it. Really is rather special. :)



The image is cursed, I keep looking at it as well :D

I just received a list of both old recent novas within M31 that I'll try to add to the annotation when I get the time...

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That's a great question, where do I go from here? To Procence, actually.  :D

My rig will be transported down to the new remote observatory this summer where it will share roof with 3 remote rigs. My horrible Swedish seeing is holding me back too much since I want to fully unleash my rigs potential under perfect skies. Everyone who've visited Olly Penrice's location knows what I'm talking about, there's no coincidence so much astronomy goes on in that region.

So with significantly darker skies and probably 4 times as many clear nights as my part of Sweden, I will probably start doing real big & crazy(stupid) projects since I have a hard time saying no to challanges. & I belive Mr.Penrice once dared me to make a full mosaic of the entire cygnus-loop at this resolution, so yeah, I'm just getting started    :evil:

So Olly will need a new dedicated internet connection for the mass of image data being moved!!

The image really shows what is possible..

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So Olly will need a new dedicated internet connection for the mass of image data being moved!!

The image really shows what is possible..

There will be futuristic stuff regulating the observatory-bandwidth so we won't strangle the data-pipeline too much! And since the rigs are fully automated, no user-inputs will be required during imaging, just submitting the imaging-requests which can be done anytime through any web-browser device such as smartphones, tablets & so on.

I'm very curious what can be done from Les Granges top-quality skies, since this image was shot under quite crappy conditions compared to Olly's! :)

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Great image, well done

What I find fascinating are the red nebula, eg C275, just imagine what it would look like if we were resident locally in Andromeda!

Well we will be in a few billion years when we collide.... :eek:

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Absolutely amazing, I'm looking forward to viewing this on my computer later. When intergalactic travel is mastered they'll be using your picture as a map! Well done, your dedication is inspirational

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Wow. Insanity rocks. When I grow up, I wanna be like Jonas.

Jonas is like Jonas because he isn't grown up!  :grin: Grown ups never do things because they are too busy explaining why they can't be done...


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    • By tompato
      So it took me a little bit of time to get everything setup, accessories plugged in and the mount polar aligned (turns out the Skyguider Pro polar scope is not particularly spectacle wearing friendly in terms of eye relief) but I got there. I then point it up at Cygnus to see what I could capture.

      I was using the Samyang 85mm f1.4 AS IF on my Canon 600D. I forgot to focus my first shot, but I think my focus was okay after that. Some of my frames were good, some did have a small amount of trailing. I did 30 x 60s of Cygnus (at least I think it was, I think I can see some nebula of some description in the top right) at f4 and then I tried 30 x 60s of M31 Andromeda at f5.6 as well. I've also never done any image processing before so downloaded GIMP and did some basic curves and levels with that, and a star map on Cygnus, but that's about it. I stacked them both with 20 dark frames and 20 bias frames in DSS.
      Attached are both images. Andromeda was quite low and over light pollution so there's quite a pronounced glow that made image processing tricky. Overall I'm happy woth my first attempts, but I realise I could improve tracking, take longer and defintely more frames next time and also probably not be lazy and do more darks and some flats next time around.

    • By jeffmar
      These are a few of the photos I have done over the last 18 months or so. I have gone through some different equipment and I have
      learned a lot about astrophotography in the last few years. No matter how much better my images get I always think I can do better
      If I tweak something here and there. I would guess I am not the only one who goes through that process
    • By Adaaam75
      Just a quickie,
      I took a shed load of images last night of the moon using my DSLR on my scope with the intention to stitch using Microsoft ICE but its been pulled!
      Any free software suggestions for image stitching (not stacking)?
    • By astrobena
      Hey everyone,
      I was out recently in what felt like the first clear sky in years and got ~109 min of data on M31, minus 76 frames due to a 12mph wind, which left me with 69 min of data (each shot is 45 sec with ISO 200 tracked with skywatcher star adventurer). As mentioned in the title I captured all these images in a bortal 8 location, used an unmodified canon eos 400d and the skywatcher 75ed as the scope (with a flattener). I've attached my edit (warning: it is not great at all + slightly overedited to see what details are even there), and to be my surprise it looked very similar to an image of M31 with only 20 min of data which i captured a month earlier (both of which i used DSS and photoshop for). Now this may well have something to do with the way i edited it in photoshop or a different setting in DSS or just the fact that 49 more data doesnt make much of a difference considering im in a bortal 8 location, maybe you guys could help on that. I've attached the link to the original files (in the folder called 18.2.2021) as well as the stacked image from DSS (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12NT4TmLCXvTfOXNPE_l8UWPRpgO2VjLe?usp=sharing). I didnt capture any flat images but have dark and bias frames, all in their correpsonding folders in the attached link. It would be greatly appreciated if you guys could see if there is more data in this then i have managed to 'extract' using photoshop. (If you use different software and try and edit these files please tell me what you used) If there isn't then maybe do you guys have any images of M31 (or similar) from very light polluted skies that you could share here? (If so i would if you could share the full exposure time and gear that would be great)
      Many Thanks!

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