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The EQ2 tracking motor... am I doing it wrong?

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So I bought one of these at the weekend, installed it on my mount, and got a clear enough night tonight to test it out.  It... does not work as advertised.  Often, it doesn't bite properly on the attachment point on the RA fine control.  Even if I tighten it up as much as I can, it almost immediately comes loose.  So it just rotates uselessly without turning the scope.  When it does bite, it seems to run about twice as fast as it should.  With the motor turned off, the target drifts from right to left across my field of view.  With it switched on, it drifts left to right almost as quickly.  Yes, I set up the polar alignment quite carefully, and I tried both N and S settings just to see if that was the issue (it wasn't).  Is there something obvious I might have missed (I'm still a bit of a newbie at this)?  Or is this a case of me having gone for the cheap option and the build quality just isn't up to scratch? 

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There's an account of mounting and using this drive here:


I have one on a no-name mount, speed varies as the battery  voltage goes down, but good enough for visual solar tracking with a PST.

I tighten the drive screw with a pair of pliers onto the flat on the RA slomo shaft.

I assume you have found the speed adjustment knob on the drive?

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the small Pot adjustable knob 

all the way to the right is top speed.

all the way left is snail speed. 

the connection between the motor gearbox spline and the RA work screw spline. 

first off undo the clutch on the RA. now holding the motor gearbox to the mount get a rough idea

where the flat of the RA spline need to be so inline with the capture screw on the gearbox spline.

and rotate the slow mo RA knob till the RA spline lines up somewhat.

now as you slip the motor gearbox ONTO the RA spline and tighten down the screw,

you need to WIGGLE gentley the motor gearbox ( kinda rotate it left n right) you MUST do this as you tighten that screw down.

you will feel the screw and spline knock each other as you keep wiggling and tightening this screw down.

after a bit they get nice and tight, then take a set of pliers/screwdriver and tighten down a tad more to lock it inplace.

you could use a small dab of BLUE threadlocker to stop the screw backing out on its own.

Brand NEW battery, and good branded name ( you know the one, copper top, bunny advert)

Now that speed knob is a tad small, i mean even little people (kids ) would find it hard to get a grip

then let alone try and control speed with it. i modded mine with a little slip over cap wheel.

now i have a bigger knob and more finer adjustment, no more fiddling.

The eco Motor driver is sold as Both a EQ-1 and EQ-2 basic RA motor drve

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