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M51 up close...!

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Here's my quick effort from last night - I was trying to figure out why I've been getting rather a lot of noise with the ATik. Haven't cracked it yet :D Maybe tonight...

So M51 with my NS8 Alt Az, 0.5FR, IR blocker, ATiK 16ic, 60 subs of 20s, binned 2x2 (this was unintentional :D but was the first time I had used Astroart for capture!) stacked in AA, small amount of post processing in elements. The data isn't good enough for too much processing (I've got 10 minutes of 30s unbinned, but it doesn't produce much either!!)


(click to enlarge)

Looking forward to being able to go longer and deeper in EQ mode!


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Allow me to shower you with congratulations Helen. What simply staggering progress you have made.

That is such deserving reward for the effort you have put in from day one.

That has to be sheer inspirational encouragement for others, me included.

Well done young lady, you are a credit to SGL.

Ron. :D :salute: :salute: :salute:

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Thanks everyone for the encouragement :D I think my accidental binning rather worked to my advantage!!

Looking clear for tonight too, but got a very important meeting tomorrow so won't be able to stay up late :D


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Exellent imaging Helen , i bet you are well pleased with that , super detail ,and u held the core nicely as well , hey dont take notice of this lot Helen ehehhehe nothing wrong with binning, done it for ages ,it gets results , just do that when u are guiding ,



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Excellent image , Helen.

Everything seems to have come together nicely. You did amazingly well from such short exposures particularly as you used an Alt Az mounted telescope. The focal reducer worked well to give you a nice image scale.


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