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Advice for laying down small pads.

Mr TamiyaCowboy

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the old flagstone like paving slabs have sunk, it is not much help having a large motor scooter,

parked upon them, so now my scope /mount has a 3 degree rain runoff angle. 

i would like to lay down a midi size pad, big enough for a scooter to be parked up on,

but also good enough to pop the scope on in the summer evenings.

i have a plan of action but need advice on laying of the pad ( i layed slabs and footings, never done a pad before ) 

so heres what i have. 

drainaway ? hard core base tampered down.

toplayer of tampered down sand.

then a 4 inch thick slab/pad, 

i was going to use a 3 -2 -2 mix ( 3 sand , 2 shingle, 2 cement )

Does all this sound about right so a 6 inch deep pad, and a 4 inch thick pad.

or do i need to go deeper with the hardcore/sand layer say 8 inch  ( 4 inch base/4inch pad ).

i want small tiles for the mount feet to sit on, so how does one set these into the pad without them sinking ?

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I would go for a 100-150mm base of hardcore (well tamped down) with 100mm concrete on top. The sand layer is not really necessary - that's more for laying slabs on. As regards the tiles - I would put them down once the concrete has hardened off using a fairly strong mortar mix. If you don't want the tiles sticking above the concrete level then lay more concrete between the tiles to even up the surface and trowelled smooth. If you use too shallow a sub-base the concrete will be in danger of cracking up if the sub-base sinks.

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thank you PeterCPC

will take me a while to dig it out so a project thats has to be done.

good thing is already have a footprint from the slabs already down, they were just laid on bare soil,

as i did not lay myself. have 1.5 inch drop to the west from east on a 3x3 slab.

glad i could skip the sand layer, would have been extra cost. 

i may even ad a couple lengths of re-bar if i can find any laying around.

want to make sure it does not give way/sink when the bike ends up being parked on it,

same as what happened to the slabs.

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