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starsense SE mount users

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I have read a few threads on the starsense, however a lot of people seem to be using them on eq mounts.

I was wondering if anyone had first hand experience on use with the SE mount. Atm my go-to can be hit or miss with its accuracy. Now £295 is a lot of money, but if it works in centering the object in the eyepiece with very high accuracy it would be worth it.


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I have a 4 SE and a StarSense. The combination works very well. I'd have to take time and care in aligning to do as good a job as the StarSense. The StarSense is much quicker and more convenient. The StarSense is particularly impressive at aligning at twilight and on part-cloudy nights. The goto accuracy is spot on with stars. At the moment, it's less accurate with planets (Mars is just out of the FOV of a 32mm EP), but judging from posts by Celestron on Team Celestron, that's due to a known bug in the way the StarSense hand controller software calculates planetary orbits rather than any intrinsic limitation in the StarSense. It's slightly frustrating that you can't mount the finder scope at the same time as the StarSense on an SE telescope (though I might try some double-sided adhesive tape).

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After reading a few different websites it seems users have been getting good results with the SE mount.

Therefore with help advice from Steve@flo I have ordered mine. I will report on how it works when it arrives and the clouds clear

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I'll be interested to hear how you get on. I've recently bought a SE6 and found it's accuracy not to be that great, too. Although perhaps it's just me not setting it up well enough from the 2 star alignment - perhaps I was pointing at the wrong star! I've also bought a VX mount with 925 scope and that hasn't been great either, so maybe it's me or maybe I need a Starsense. No point buying nice scopes then not being able to get them to point at the right places or track accurately!

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Well I received the starsense Friday and battled for over 2 hours to get it to work. Firstly it was way off the selected object.

Then after aligning the camera to the telescope the thing just went crazy. Firstly pointing at the floor. The continually freezing. To add to this the motor speed button was not manufactured correct so was half poking out of the controller.

After paying £295 for it I expected it to actually work and not have shoddy workmanship.

Very disappointed and will be sending it back.

To add I live on a farm, so it was in a dark field with not trees nearby

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