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Welcom arthur tell us a bit more about yourself.

Hmm - what's to say without advertising :lol: OK, having ditched the 12" LX200 last year I got an EQ6/Skyscan which *currently* has an 8" LXD55 SCT, a Megrez II FD, an ED80 and a small guidescope on it - permanent pier in the garden but wireless into the nice warm house here in darkest South Norfolk. I have a number of cameras - from webcams to posh ones. I am an engineer.

I am trying to concentrate on DSO imaging, hence ditching the LX, but have just bought an OMC140 and intend to ditch the SCT and the ED80 to make space for it so I can use it for guiding as well as planetary and have the FD for DSO stuff.

Anything else? :lol:


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lol, it is a pretty cool animation Arthur :lol: Although you didn't mention it in your post, i had a look at your companies website, very interesting camera stuff you've got there :lol:

Hmm, have to keep quiet about "The Company" :lol: But yes, it is pretty interesting I think. Times are a-changing in this area and prices are tumbling. As they should.


PS - how did you find the site?

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