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Options for upgrading the mirror cell of a Maksutov Newtonian

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Hi group,

I am part way through upgrading my very nice - and quite old [ 20+years?] - Intes 6-inch Mak-Newt.

I've replaced the focuser with a modern design with motor focus and now I want to look at improving the way that the main mirror is supported.

The main mirror in my scope has a hole in the middle through which a custom metal bolt attaches the mirror to the mirror cell. The bolt has a machined central 'flat' to use when collimating the optics.

The mirror cell is essentially just a flat plate. The Mirror is locked into place using a special keyed nut and the custom bolt has a grub screw which needs a special tool to immobilise the bolts as the nut is turned- one false move during this operation and I could wreck the mirror.

This plate is connected to the back plate of the optical tube by two sets of bolts.

One set physically attaches the mirror cell plate to the tube back plate and are 'pull bolts'.

The second set push against the mirror cell plate and the two sets in tandem provide a means of coarse collimation.

Having had to re-collimate the optic recently I have found this arrangement somewhat flimsy and in need of modernisation.

So, can anyone suggest a way forward?



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Hi Robert.  That's quite a specialist mirror cell that lots of folk here will not have seen.

Do you have any pics, or maybe a diagram or two of the cell and the specific area of concern ?

That could help someone on SGL to suggest something, but of course no guarantees of that, although DIY tinkerers are here, so maybe a post in the DIY section ?

Hope you get some help.

Regards, Ed.

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I used to own an Intes MN61. I found the stock mirror cell and collimation adjustment worked pretty well. The scope held collimation very well when it was set. The issue I did have was that the pierced primary mirror and central plug meant that star testing was the only way to really test and adjust the collimation so I had to do it that way.

I didn't find it a flimsy arrangement though, quite the opposite I'd say.

Lovely scope - I'd really not change much about it to be honest. The push-pull arrangement is a very commonly used approach with both maksutov and conventional newtonians.

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